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Senior 3D Artist

Are you always looking out for a new medium to express your creativity?
Do you wish for your 3D artwork to be seen and interacted with in real life?
Are you always wondering what will the future of 3D design be like and very much want to be a part of the metaverse?
GOWAAA is a Singapore-based creative metaverse startup specializing in creating Augmented Reality (AR) experiences for brands on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Tiktok and the web browser (WebAR). Our AR experiences create engaging content to activate the brands' marketing campaigns with creative interactivity & visuals that makes everyone GOWAAA!

We are looking for Senior 3D artist to help us prepare 3D assets specifically for AR experiences. You don't need to have any AR-related experience to apply, what is more important is keeping an open mind and having the willingness to learn! Join the metaverse with us to unleash your creativity in this cutting-edge AR industry!

What will you be doing?

  • Prepare low poly 3D models and texture (Diffuse, Normal and ORM) according to 2D design and concept

  • Design and export 3D animation with rigging and blend shapes

  • Work closely with AR designer & developer to bring your 3D work to live on AR

  • Building an amazing portfolio of clients' work with multiple famous brands with a presence in APAC

  • Understand the basics of AR and optimise 3D assets suitable for use on mobile devices

  • Challenge yourself to prepare assets suitable for AR through creative texture baking and turning high poly details into low poly 3D model

  • Bring your 3D work to life and interact with them in real-time with AR

  • Impacting AR users with your stunning 3D assets, making them GOWAAA!

  • Enjoy seeing AR users sharing your work on their social media

  • Work remotely from where you are with flexible working hours

What you will not be doing?

  • Creating soul-less repetitive 3D design

  • Creating 3D work for flat 2D screen/surface

  • Spending long hours waiting for your render to be done

  • Go through lots of layers for your work to be approved

  • Not having any say in the creative design of the 3D model


  • Able to speak and write fluent English

  • Attention to details

  • Experience in turning 2D design/concept into 3D model

  • Familiar with modelling, sculpting, animating (rigging and blendshape) and exporting 3D assets using Blender or C4D

  • Experience in baking high poly details into textures for use in 3D low poly model (lower than 50k triangles per exported object, not more than 100k triangles for the whole scene)

  • Experience with retopology of high poly 3d model to low poly 3d model (lower than 50k triangles per exported object,  not more than 150k triangles for the whole scene)

  • Experience in 3D lighting and environment map to produce the required look for 3D texture

  • Have a working laptop that enables you to fulfill all the job requirement

  • Experience with preparing 3D assets for AR/VR/Mobile App

  • Able to be contactable through Whatsapp and video calls between 9am - 6pm (GMT +8)


  • Experience in 3D painting with Substance Painter to export diffuse, normal, ORM and emissive texture

  • Experience in using Substance Designer to prepare procedural textures


  • SGD 1500 - 3000

Our Hiring Process

  1. 30 mins introductory interview

  2. Half-day 3D modelling challenge for AR usage, flexible timeslot

  3. Final interview

How To Apply?
Email your

  • CV

  • Portfolio

  • Expected Salary


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