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Brands in Malaysia That Used Instagram AR Filters For Their Marketing Campaign

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Since the start of Covid-19 and MCO in Malaysia, many brands have been forced to get creative with their creative campaign to continue meaningful engagement with their audiences online. Instagram AR filter is one of the popular tools brands have chosen to use amid the lockdown and in this article, we have listed down a few brands in Malaysia that have used Instagram AR filters to their advantage for their marketing campaign.

Llao llao Frozen Yoghurt Malaysia

To keep their followers engaged and entertained, llao llao Malaysia created this Instagram AR filter where their users can change the flavours of the yoghurt by opening their mouth. Of course, the options available are the flavours unique to llao llao, which also acts as a reminder for Malaysian in lockdown to buy llao llao when they are free to go out.

In addition, llao llao Malaysia also created Hari Raya Instagram AR filter to celebrate Hari Raya 2020 with their followers virtually. Creating AR filters to celebrate an event such as Hari Raya, Chinese New Year or National day is definitely one of the great ways to keep your followers engaged.

Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream Malaysia

To introduce their new ice cream fruit flavours, Häagen-Dazs Malaysia created a basket catching AR filter game on Instagram for their followers to win Häagen-Dazs vouchers worth RM 200, RM 100 and RM 50. To win the prizes, Instagram users will have to play the AR filter game and best their best score with hashtag #DontHoldBackMY and tag Häagen-Dazs Malaysia on Instagram stories.

Lifebuoy Malaysia

To encourage the use of hand sanitizer and provide a word of encouragement amid the MCO lockdown, Lifebuoy Malaysia engaged GOWAAA to create an AR smiley face filter on Instagram where users can place it on any flat surfaces. The smiley face also carries a hand sanitizer which squeezes virtual sanitizer gels out to simulate the use of sanitizer through Instagram stories. A random word of encouragement will also be generated for each use to encourage repeated use of the AR Instagram filter.

Guardian Malaysia

To promote their campaign of #beautifultogether among the ladies and their friends, Guardian Malaysia created this randomizer AR filter on Instagram, which generates random activities that users can do with their female BFF and stay beautiful together.

Laneige Malaysia

With the aim of promoting Laneige moisturizer, Laneige Malaysia launched this AR game contest on Instagram for their followers to win Langeige vouchers worth RM 50 weekly. Similarly, users have to play and post their high scores on their Instagram stories by tagging Laneige Malaysia. The falling object to catch for this AR filter game represents the H2O droplets that moistures the face and the object to avoid represent the bad bacteria that will damage the skin, making the game highly relevant to the product itself.

Mamonde Malaysia

As part of the campaign to promote Mamonde's skincare product, Mamonde Malaysia launched the Instagram AR filter that showcases 3 different scents of the product. It also encourages its users to use the AR filter by providing a giveaway for lucky winners that used the Instagram AR filter.

Three Cosmetic Malaysia

Three Cosmetic Malaysia created this AR filter on Instagram to promote their new lipstick product, which allows users to see how the new lipstick colour looks like on their lips from the comfort of their home through their smartphone. This is perhaps one of the most direct and popular uses of AR currently.

Astro Malaysia

Astro Malaysia challenged its followers to a pantun challenge by using the AR Instagram random filter to generate a random pantun for users to complete. The top 10 most creative entry on Instagram were selected to receive their #KitaSelamatBersama care pack.

Netflix Malaysia

Netflix Malaysia created these visually stunning AR filters on Instagram to promote a Korean drama streaming on Netflix. The AR filter allows users to be immersed in a world full of colourful monsters that appear in the show, and experience being part of the show.

Food Panda Malaysia

Working with a creative agency Ittify, Foodpanda created this 2 players quiz AR filter on Instagram that allows users to determine their character based on delivery food-related questions. This idea came from a couple quiz game trending on Instagram and has since used by many brands to customised the idea with their brand-related questions for their followers to play with on Instagram.

Grab Malaysia

Grab Malaysia launched this AR filter on Instagram to promote their newly launched credit card created in collaboration with Maybank. The AR filter allows user to place the virtual credit card in the real work, while also showing the benefits of using the credit card to make payment in Malaysia.

Lenovo Malaysia

Leading up to the launch of Lenovo Yoga Slim 7i Carbon, Lenovo Malaysia created this AR filter on Instagram to announce the mysterious product launch date and time. This creates suspend among their followers while also engaging with them with interactive content.


Does Your Brand Need A Filter?

The examples above are just some of the increasing number of brands that are riding on the wave of Instagram filter marketing. If your brand is a B2C company with a social media account on Facebook & Instagram, it is probably a good idea to engage your audiences with this new innovative experience before Instagram filter marketing becomes a norm.

There are also a lot more effects you can create for your brand besides the examples shown above. GOWAAA is an official Facebook AR Partner that specializes in creating innovative Instagram & filter that helps you engage with your audience meaningfully.

Contact us to find out more!

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