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Spark AR Developer

Want to break into the AR industry and turn your passion for Spark AR into a full-time career ?
Are you looking to grow and improve your skills as a Spark AR developer professionally?
Here at GOWAAA, we are looking for a dynamic, passionate, and talented Spark AR developer to join our team.


About GOWAAA: 
GOWAAA is a collaborative creative tech company based in Singapore specializing in creating Augmented Reality (AR) experiences on Instagram, Facebook and the web browser (WebAR). As an official member of Spark AR Partner Network (SPN), we have created more than 100 AR experiences that span across the APAC region as a result of working with a diverse range of clients and in collaboration with artists from different disciplines. We are a collective of designers, animators, developers and storytellers aiming to create interactive and immersive AR experiences, and ultimately here to make people go waaa 😮 

Bonus: Get access to alphas and betas Spark AR features that are only open to SPN members as a part of the GOWAAA team!

Monthly Salary Range: SGD 2000 - SGD 4000

What will you be doing?

  • Develop AR effects together as a team from start to finish

  • Develop AR effects based on design provided by the design team

  • Brainstorm & discuss the best technical solutions to complete the intended AR design

  • Provide feedback to the design team on the feasibility of AR development

  • Optimize 2D/3D assets provided by the design team

  • Develop AR effects with as much procedural technique as possible

  • Develop utility patches and scripts useful for future projects

  • Brainstorm AR effect ideas to pitch to clients

  • R&D on new AR effects for GOWAAA

  • R&D on AR effects using alpha and beta features of Spark AR open to SPN members

  • Work remotely & independently with a full-time commitment

  • Remain contactable between 9 am to 6 pm Singapore time (GMT+8) for meetings/messages

  • Work entirely on a deadline basis, with the freedom to choose your time of work (except for meeting/meeting deadline)

  • Work remotely regardless of where you are based at, as long as you can meet the timing stated above

  • Exchange Spark AR development techniques with our CTO, grow, and learn together as Spark AR creators!


  • Experienced in creating a wide range of AR effects using Spark AR, including but not limited to AR face game, AR face makeup, AR segmentations, AR plane tracking, AR target tracking & AR device motion effects

  • Have an extensive portfolio of AR effects published on IG/FB (either personal, branded, or both effects) to prove your technical skills & experience

  • Have a good understanding of using both patches & Javascript (async/await) to develop logic for games, AR interactions, animations & visual effects

  • Have a good understanding of using render pass and delay frame

  • Have a basic understanding of shaders and SDFs to create procedural textures

  • Have a good experience of importing & handling both 2D & 3Ds assets in Spark AR, including using animation playback controller and animation sequences

  • Experience in optimizing 2D assets for use in Spark AR

  • Experience in optimizing 3D assets for use in Spark AR

  • Able to find relevant solutions through all the available resources online to complete the given projects

  • Able to remain contactable between 9 am - 6 pm (GMT +8), Monday to Friday

  • Able to communicate, read and speak English well

  • Have a good learning attitude especially if you lack any of the technical knowledge mentioned above

  • Open-minded to new Spark AR techniques

  • Bonus if you are familiar with Spark SL or vertex displacement

Our hiring process:

  • If selected, you will be invited to have a 15 mins chat with our CTO as the 1st interview

  • Next, you will be invited to an hour live technical challenge interview with our CTO online on a separate day

  • Finally, if you made it through the challenge, we will have our final interview with you again before confirming the outcome with you

How to Apply?

The application is closed

Do contact us through to leave us your portfolio if you are keen to join us!

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