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Celebrate Chinese New Year With Your Followers Using Instagram AR Filters

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

If you are a brand with lots of Chinese consumer customers, every Chinese New Year marketing campaign will probably one of the most important campaigns of the year. Hence, it is not surprising that many brands in Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong have already utilised the latest marketing tool - Instagram AR filter to create engaging content with their Chinese customers. If you are looking to create an Instagram AR filter for your brand but not too sure of what idea to use, here're 11 ideas used by brands to celebrate Chinese New Year with their followers!


In 2021, the year of the ox, GOWAAA created an audio-reactive jumping game AR filter for NTUC Fairprice. The game concept is straight forward, shout to make the Chinese lion stay in the air for as long as possible or until 30 seconds is up. This main feature of this game is the audio-reactive part, which encourages users to have more interactivity with the game by shouting loud enough and regularly enough to make the Chinese lion stay up in the air. This game is no doubt very suitable for Chinese New Year celebrations where family members can come together to shout "Huat Ah!", both to wish for a prosperous New Year as well as winning the game!


Since random game AR filters are quite commonly used by brands for Chinese New Year, the team at GOWAAA decided to try something different.; by transforming everyone into a golden auspicious Ox in the year of the Ox! In addition, your voice will also be altered into a deep Ox voice, allowing Instagram users to have a complete humourous transformation into an oxpicious Ox.

2021扭转乾坤 by Presient of Taiwan

Yes you see it right. It is not everyday where you see a politician using AR filter as a marketing tool. But the president of Taiwan is an exception, in fact, this is not even her first AR filter. This just goes to say how well AR filters is as a marketing tool to engage with young adults. As for the idea itself, it is an interesting AR greeting card filter which users can place on any flat surfaces in their environment. The greeting card includes the signatures of the president and vice president, with an addition of 4 cute 3d oxes to intereact with.

CNY Angpao by SGAG

One of the biggest Instagram filter trends of Chinese New Year in 2020 is predicting how much Ang Pao you will get. SGAG created an Instagram filter doing just that, featuring the famous Xiao Ming in their demo video. Each time their followers use it, the flipping image above the head will randomly generate the amount of Ang Pao they will get, giving an element of surprise and different result for each use.

MSQ CNY By Marina Square Singapore

Using a similar concept, Marina Square mall in Singapore also created an Instagram filter that will randomly generate the Ang Pao amount you will get during Chinese New Year.

PhatWalletCNY by PWC Malaysia

As you can see, this idea is so popular and used in 2020 that brands across Singapore and Malaysia used it to their advantage to increase their brand awareness on Instagram That includes PWC Malaysia, featuring the Ang Pao amount in Ringgit to cater to Malaysian followers.

CNY Ho Yeah! by Maybank Malaysia

Besides giving a prediction to the amount of Ang Pao one will get, giving a prediction to one's fortune in the coming new year is also a popular idea for Chinese New Year. Maybank Malaysia created a random generator filter to provide a fun fortune telling experience for their followers, with most of the result being positive and encouraging to anyone that plays it.

CNY Blessing Watsons Hong Kong

Using Cantonese instead of English, a language which Instagram users in Hong Kong use more as compared to English, Watson Hong Kong also created a random generator filter that predicts the fortune of their followers in the new year. On top of that, a shiny face effect is also used to light up the faces of their followers in colours of Watsons.

Klook CNY by Klook Malaysia

Back in January 2020 when we still didn't know the looming future of not being able to travel, Klook Malaysia actually created a random generator Instagram filter that tells you where you Ang Pao money will bring you to in the coming new year. Since Klook is a travel-related company, this idea makes sense and is a great way to engage with their followers if not for the pandemic.

Jaguar CNY by Jaguar Singapore

If your brand prefers something simple that can also celebrate Chinese New Year with your followers, perhaps you can consider putting Chinese New Year headgear or other decoration on the user's head instead. For example, Jaguar Singapore created a simple God of Fortune head decoration for their followers to wear and become the God of Fortune themselves.

CNYKeepSmiling by 8TV Malaysia

8TV is a TV channel in Malaysia and their Chinese channel created an Instagram filter that allows their followers to become a cute rat with a headphone because Chinese New Year 2020 is the year of the rat. It is a simple AR filter that can bring a smile to their followers when they use it.

Celebration-CNY by Malaysia

Souly Malaysia is a gifting company that specialises in helping you to provide the perfect gift for your family and friends. To celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year in the year of the Ox, they created an Instagram filter that grows two ox horns, ears and the god of fortune headgear on the user's head. There are also falling golden ingot to wish their followers good fortune in the coming Chinese New Year.

Feast of Huat by Manulife Singapore

What is Chinese New Year without Chinese New Year goodies and games? So why not combine both and make an Instagram filter to celebrate with your followers? Manulife Singapore did an Instagram game AR filter in 2020 that challenge their followers to eat as many falling Chinese New Year goodies as possible to stand a chance to win discount vouchers.

Cheese It by UOB Group Singapore

UOB Group Singapore also created a similar eating game Instagram filter as Manulife Singapore in the same year in 2020. As it is the year of the rat, UOB filter challenges users to eat as many cheeses as possible in 30 seconds to stand a chance to win vouchers as well.

Are You Looking To Create A Chinese New Year Filter For Your Brand?

If the ideas above are not to your liking, no worries! GOWAAA provides creative ideation for your brand's activation and engagement. As AR Instagram filters are still relatively new and not all features and functions are fully used by brands yet, we would love to arrange a call with you to tell you more about all the fun idea you can make for your brand! Just simply email us at to find out more!

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