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Brands in Singapore That Used Eating/Falling Instagram Filter Game

Gamification is one of the most commonly used ways for brands to engage with their followers. And of course, it didn't take long for brands to create games on Instagram after Instagram opened up for brands to create customised Instagram AR filters. One of the most popular types of game brands like to use on Instagram AR filter is the eating/falling game, which usually requires users to catch the falling objects with their mouth or a "catcher" object close to the bottom of the screen. To help you visualize this better, below are a series of brands in Singapore that used eating/falling Instagram game filter for their marketing campaign.

Changi Airport Singapore

The first example is Changi Airport, where they used a falling game filter with the ishop Changi shopping cart to catch the falling objects that can be bought at Changi Airport. The shopping cart can be controlled by tilting the user's head left or right.


Lazada also used the falling game filter idea to promote their mini-game FunFarm, featuring the strawberries to catch with a Lazada shopping cart. Similar to Changi Airport, Lazada put their logo on the "catcher" object (The shopping cart). This is one of the most commonplace for brands to put their logo due to the Facebook review policies for Instagram filter: All logos and texts must be integrated into the scene (i.e Follow the user's head movement). Furthermore, putting the brand's logo on the "catcher" probably also has the most exposure since that is where most users will look.

However, we still discourage brands to put their logo within their Instagram filter as the main purpose of an Instagram filter is for the brands' followers to share it on their stories. And Instagram stories are meant for users to share their personal daily life, not promoting a brand.

Haagen Daz Singapore

Next up is Haagen Daz Singapore, with a little twist added to their falling game filter: 15 seconds timer. This falling game filter is created to promote Haagen Daz new ice cream flavour at that point of creation, and users only have 15 seconds to catch as many falling objects (which is the flavours of the new ice cream) as possible.

Energy Market Authority

The Energy Market Authority of Singapore has an interesting concept of catching sun rays with a solar panel for their falling Instagram filter game. While the idea is interesting and relevant to energy, the game mechanic is pretty much the same as other falling game filters.


This falling game filter created by Geneco is pretty simple and doesn't differ much from other falling game filters. It might be one thing to think that having a filter game can have a higher engagement with your followers, but it is another thing when no much thought is being put into creating an Instagram game filter that no followers of your brand will find fun playing.

Shake Shack Singapore

To promote Shake Shack Singapore's new burger, Shack Mister burger, GOWAAA created a burger stacking Instagram filter game for Shake Shack to use it as an online challenge for their followers. The mechanic of the filter game is similar to the falling game filter, except that users have to catch the burger ingredients in the correct order as the real burger itself. There is also a 30 seconds timer to limit the gameplay, and also ensure that the detailed information of the burger ingredients is shown after each play.

American Express Singapore

Instead of a 1 player falling Instagram game, why not make it 2 players so your followers can play with their friends to compete for a higher score? Here's a 2 player falling Instagram game filter we have created for American Express Singapore to promote the use of their exclusive credit card for high-end customers. There are also fireworks animation at the end of the game to mark the end of the year holiday.

Manulife Singapore

Moving on to eating game filters, here's one did by Manulife Singapore during Chinese New Year in 2020 to promote their brand awareness through the game filter and lucky draws. The game concept is simple, eat the most number of Chinese New Year goodies and stand to win vouchers sponsored by Manulife.

UOB Group Singapore

Coincidentally, UOB also created a very similar eating game filter at the same time as Manulife Singapore during Chinese New Year 2020. Instead of eating Chinese New Year goodies, the UOB game aims for users to eat cheese, which is the favourite food of the zodiac animal of the year, rat.

Hope Singapore

Hope Singapore is a church in Singapore and they created a series of Instagram filter to celebrate 2020 Christmas, including an eating game filter. However, instead just a normal eating game, Hope Singapore also makes the user's face goes fat each time the user eats an object. This adds elements of surprise and humour to the usual eating game that everyone is already so familiar with.

Health Promotion Board of Singapore

Promoting a healthy diet to Singaporean is important from the Health Promotion Board of Singapore's point of view, especially among the millennials. Hence, what better ways than to make an eating game filter where users have to eat healthy foods to gain points. The idea and concept behind this marketing campaign is great, but the eating game filter idea has been overly done at this point that it would be hard to attract attention from Singaporean Instagram users.

Koma Singapore

Koma Singapore is a high-end Japanese sushi restaurant located at Marina Bay Sands. Their eating game filter is a little different where the lips of the users will turn into the sushi that they ate, hence the name Sushi Lips. There is also a 3 live system where the users can't miss more than 3 sushis.

NTUC First Campus

To teach pre-school children what to pack for their upcoming new school semester, NTUC First Campus created an eating game filter for children to eat the correct items to pack into their school bag. Perhaps the logic is not there, but as long as the game is easy to play and brings across the point of what to pack to the pre-school children then why not?

So What Should You Do If You Also Want An Eating Game?

Don't get us wrong, eating games can still be done for a brand, especially when it is a simple game where most people get it! But just make sure it is not just another normal eating game using 2D graphics!

For example the following:

Somethings all you need is to change the perspective or convert popular game ideas from other platforms into Instagram, just like the two ideas above which adapted ideas from Fruit Ninja and Guitar Hero.

And If you are still curious what other Instagram game filter idea you can have, feel free to always contact us at to schedule a chat with us!

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