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Celebrate Singapore 55th National Day with Instagram AR Filters!

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

There are many ways which Instagram AR Filters can be used in injecting more fun & interactivity, such as using it for education, promoting a cause, promoting a brand and also celebrating an event!

With Singapore's 55th national day coming soon on 9th Aug 2020, GOWAAA created a series of NDP Instagram Filters with our partners to help you celebrate the event digitally while practising responsible social distancing.

Past, Present, Future Filter with Studio Two-Three

As part of #SGCultureAnywhere and supported by National Arts Council Singapore, GOWAAA and Studio Two-Three presents a collection of three interactive Augmented Reality (AR) Instagram Filters on the theme of Singapore’s Past, Present & Future for NDP 2020. Harnessing the storytelling power of AR technology, the audience is invited to celebrate Singapore’s 55 years of nation-building by exploring and discovering the Singaporean identity through Southeast Asian traditional-contemporary soundscapes and visuals in the comfort of their homes. These multi-sensorial experiences will take the audience on an immersive discovery journey through Singapore’s past, present and future (to be imagined) where users can create digital memories with interactive visual and auditory elements of Singapore’s ethnic heritage and local culture.

The Past Instagram Filter features 5 sets of Singapore's local musical instruments, where each vinyl disc hovering above the gramophone represents a musical instrument. The artworks on the vinyl discs depict old photos of Singapore's various architecture. By tapping on each disc, you will be able to play each instrument and create your own unique soundscapes that will be played out from the gramophone.

Try the IG Filter with your phone here:

The Present Filter features Singapore's contemporary cultural music that integrates with a series of photos of Singapore's landscapes that are shown within the silhouette of yourself to reflect the vibrancy of Singapore's city in present times. You can tap the screen to switch between two modes to immerse yourself in the beautiful Singapore city without stepping out of your home!

Try the IG Filter with your phone here:

The Future Filter re-imagines Singapore's future by featuring a futuristic mix of Singapore's local instruments and neon city landscape with our famous merlion. The Filter also transforms you into a hologram, which we hope will be our future mode of communication with each other. The Filter is essentially our vision for Singapore; a vibrant and futuristic city that is built by people of different cultures and races (represented by the instruments).

Try the IG Filter with your phone here:

Fireworks Filters with National Heritage Board

Supported by Singapore's National Heritage Board (NHB) Digimuse, we have created a firework and face paint filter: ND(Face)Paint that allows anyone from anywhere to celebrate Singapore NDP with our virtual fireworks! The video below showcase how our Filter can be used as reported by Mediacorp Channel 8 News Tonight on 2nd August 2020.

4 different face paints are available for you to choose to place on the face of yours and your friend! The fireworks are also ignited different each time and hence, you can create your very own unique experience of the Filter each time you use it!

NDP2020 Face Tattoo with NDPeeps

Collaborating with NDPeeps, the official Singapore NDP Instagram account, we have created a face tattoo Filter featuring the logo of NDP2020.

There is a selection of 3 different sets of tattoo which you can choose from to show your love for Singapore!

Become A Firework And Shine!

We would of course never forget to create GOWAAA's very own NDP Filter to celebrate Singapore's 55th birthday! Instead of just simply enjoying the yearly firework, our Firework Filter transforms you into a firework that can soar through the sky and shine!

And if you every miss celebrating NDP at the floating platform with other Singaporean, fear not! You can now celebrate it with an army of you that are all equally awesome!

This Is Home Truly

Being based in Singapore, we are really proud and happy to have the opportunities to create such fun and engaging Instagram filters with our partners. We hope these Filters can bring some joy to you in challenging times like this, even if it's just a little! (However, we would appreciate if you can tag us if you ever share these AR filters on Instagram!).

Last but not least, HAPPY 55TH BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE!


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