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Brands In Singapore That Used Instagram / Facebook Filters For Their Marketing Campaigns

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Instagram & Facebook filters are the latest tool which brands can use to provide interactive & fun experiences to their target audience as part of their marketing campaigns. Here are 6 reasons why Instagram & Facebook filters are ever more important to your brand if you want to find out more.

Since August 2019 when Instagram opened up for brands to host filters on Instagram, there is an increasing number of brands in Singapore creating filters as part of their marketing campaign. This article will show you how some of the Singapore brands from different industries made full use of filters creatively for their campaigns!

Food & Beverages

Nando's Singapore

Nando's Singapore rides on the trend of the random filter and created their own version of it which randomly decides how ‘Hot’ the user is. If you have eaten at Nando's, their different hot levels of chilli is perhaps their most unique offering to their customers. This filter is a smart use of a pun that is relevant to their brand while also giving their target audience a good laugh. To encourage more people to use their filter, a lucky draw is added as part of the campaign. On top of that, Nando's Singapore also set aside marketing budget for a sponsored post on Facebook to promote this Instagram filter.

McDonald’s Singapore

To promote the Hello Kitty Carrier that comes with a meal, McDonald's Singapore created a Hello Kitty Instagram filter that lets their target audience become a Hello Kitty character; by wearing its ear & ribbon on their head. The filter also features the Hello Kitty carrier which is the main product that is being promoted.

Starbucks Singapore

To promote a new peach flavour drink, Starbucks Singapore created a game filter, where its target audience must balance the cute peach for an amount of time to see the final effect. As the peach drinks are made to target females, the filter has a cute theme that attracts females to use it.

Financial Services

UOB Singapore

On the first day of Chinese New Year in 2020, UOB Singapore launched a lucky draw campaign using an Instagram eating game filter that aims to encourage more use & shares of the filter. The game filter is a simple eating game where the target audience must eat as many cheeses (because of the rat year!) as they can in 15 secs to get a high score. On a daily basis, UOB will select a lucky winner with a high score to win $80 worth of vouchers. UOB had a very well-planned marketing campaign which revolves around the filter. To promote the filter, UOB got famous influencers & celebrities to play with the filter & spent money on Instagram's sponsored stories. As UOB did not have any specific product to promote with the filter, the objective of the campaign is for brand awareness & engagement with young adults on Instagram.

Manulife Singapore

Similar to UOB, Manulife Singapore also launched their Chinese New Year game filter on the first day of Chinese New Year in 2020. The filter concept is the same as UOB, an eating game where one has to eat as many Chinese New Year goodies in 15 secs as possible. Likewise, Manulife also has a lucky draw for those who tagged them on their Instagram stories. What Manulife did differently was that they also promoted the game filter on Facebook using the Facebook AR advertisement. Face AR advertisement is a type of advertisement you can choose as a sponsored post to your target audiences. It has integrated instructions and buttons that will lead your audience directly to play the filter once users tapped on the screen without having to leave Facebook. You can then add a link within the filter to lead your audiences to your website etc.

DBS Singapore

As part of their CSR and brand engagement, DBS Singapore created this game filter where its audiences have to blink their eyes to keep the flying clothes from falling into the trash pile of clothes at the bottom. The key message of this filter is to raise more awareness about renting or using your clothes as much as possible instead of buying new clothes to reduce one's environmental impact. At the same time, DBS also conducted a lucky draw for people that used & tagged them using the filters like what UOB & Manulife did.

Government Agencies

Night To Light Festival with Asian Civilisation Museum (ACM)

Partnering with Psyckaholic, we created a real-world Instagram filter for ACM’s Night to Light Festival, where anyone can experience a neon light installation by pointing their phone on any flat surfaces. As the filter effect can be fixed on the ground, the target audience can walk through the lights and have an immersive experience that aligns with the theme of the Night To Light Festival. QR codes are also created and displayed during the festival for anyone that went to ACM during the festival to experience our virtual art installation.

National Arts Council of Singapore

National Arts Council of Singapore has created a series of filters around their art campaign, Arts In the Neighbourhood (AYN). The first on the left uses an AYN tote bag as a target to launch the filter effect. The 2nd filter from the left encourages their target audience to see different AYN activities by randomly generating activities for their audiences to see. The 3rd and 4th filters are relevant to the artwork being displayed at AYN.

Health Promotion Board Singapore

Health Promotion Board Singapore created a random filter during Chinese New Year 2020 to promote their Beat Diabetes & National Step Challenge Campaign. The filter transforms its target audience into a cute mouse and will randomly select what abundance they will have this Chinese New Year. Some of the possible results include steps counts which is one of the main messages HPB wants to promote to beat diabetes.


Changi Airport Singapore

Changi Airport in Singapore has 3 filters hosted on its Instagram account. The 1st one from the left is most probably a tribute to the iconic Changi Airport flip board that was recently retired. It is also a good way that taps onto their target audience desire to travel by providing different travel destination each time. The other 2 filters are direct promotion to attract more shoppers to shop at Changi Airport, where one is a game where you can put items into your shopping cart and the other is a funny filter that allows you to imagine being the winner of the Changi Millionaire lucky draw.

Caltex Singapore

As part of its brand awareness marketing campaign, Caltex Singapore became the first petrol brand to use an Instagram filter for their brand. To get more of their target audience to use the filter, they also created an instructional video on how to find the filter on their Instagram page and how to play the game. Anyone that sent Caltex Singapore a screenshot of their high score will stand to win prizes from Caltex.


Probably one of the most famous & successful social media meme marketing company in Singapore, SGAG also has its own Instagram filter for Chinese New Year 2020. It is a random filter that predicts how much Angpao (Red Packet) you will get during the Chinese New Year.


Does Your Brand Need A Filter?

The examples above are just some of the increasing number of brands that are riding on the wave of Instagram filter marketing. If your brand is a B2C company with a social media account on Facebook & Instagram, it is probably a good idea to engage your audiences with this new innovative experience before Instagram filter marketing becomes a norm.

There are also a lot more effects you can create for your brand besides the examples shown above. GOWAAA specializes in creating innovative Instagram & Facebook filters that you can use to engage effectively with your target audience.

Contact us to find out more!

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