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Transform Your Marketing Campaigns with Snapchat AR Lenses: A Game-Changer for Middle Eastern Brands

Updated: May 11, 2023

Snapchat AR Lenses for Middle Eastern Travel

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, brands and tourism boards are constantly seeking innovative ways to attract visitors and engage their audience. Snapchat's AR lenses, created using Lens Studio, offer a unique opportunity to enhance marketing campaigns and drive tourist interest. In this blog post, we will explore a successful collaboration between Snapchat, Singapore Tourism Board (STB), and gowaaa which developed a series of location-based AR experiences. Although Singapore is located in Southeast Asia, the success of the Haji Lane project showcases how location-based AR experiences can effectively promote tourism and engage visitors across diverse cultural contexts, making it highly relevant for brands and tourism boards in the Saudi Arabia and Dubai regions. Furthermore, Snapchat's popularity and impact on user engagement make AR lenses an essential tool for reaching and connecting with the Middle Eastern audience.

Snapchat AR Lenses

Snapchat AR lenses provide immersive and interactive experiences that can captivate users and create memorable moments. By leveraging the power of AR technology, brands and tourism boards can create unforgettable experiences that showcase their destinations' unique features and cultural heritage.

Snapchat has established itself as a leading platform for user engagement, particularly among Gen Z users in the UAE. According to Snapchat, the app is the #1 platform for Gen Zs in the UAE to create content via the camera. Moreover, 98% of Gen Zs in the UAE use some form of visual communication when messaging friends, and 67% of them say AR experiences feel more personal. Furthermore, 7 in 10 consumers in the UAE agree that AR experiences make them feel happy. These insights demonstrate the immense potential of Snapchat AR lenses for driving user engagement and fostering emotional connections with the audience in the Middle Eastern market.

The Singapore Tourism Board, in collaboration with Snapchat and gowaaa, developed five exclusive lenses for Haji Lane, a vibrant Singaporean destination. These lenses, created using Snapchat's Customed Landmarker technology, offered tourists an engaging AR experience while highlighting the area's rich cultural heritage.

Piedra Negra

By pointing their phones at the mural art, visitors to Piedra Negra could illuminate Haji Lane with neon lights and totems. Additionally, they could uncover the area's captivating history and hidden gems by interacting with floating totems, each providing engaging educational content.


Visitors to Utopia could effortlessly adorn themselves with a fusion batik dress using advanced 3D body tracking technology. Switching to the front camera allowed them to further enhance their appearance with a stunning flower headdress, intricately designed with batik-inspired patterns.

Shalaby Sweets

Guests at Shalaby Sweets could discover their unique Turkish sweets personality through the innovative use of hand tracking technology that read their palms. Sweets corresponding to their personality would fly to their hand, enabling them to receive a delightful Turkish treat from the shop.

Drunken Balloon

Leveraging a combination of Landmarker tracking and phone motion technology, visitors to the Drunken Balloon were invited to engage in an exhilarating challenge. By pointing their phone at the shopfront and maneuvering it to burst as many spawning balloons as possible within 20 seconds, participants competed for a chance to win a complimentary Snapchat balloon from the shop.

I am... cafe

Guests at the I am… cafe could personalize their experience by pointing their phone at the "I am" status display outside the cafe to select their desired vibe. Utilizing Snapchat's real-time physics engine, emojis corresponding to the chosen vibe would come to life, dynamically bouncing and interacting with floating texts and the physical status, creating a lively and immersive atmosphere.

These AR lenses offer valuable insights for brands and tourism boards from Saudi Arabia and Dubai seeking to create similar experiences. By embracing Snapchat AR lenses, they can create unique, location-based marketing campaigns that showcase their destinations' cultural heritage, ultimately attracting more tourists to their regions. The immersive and interactive nature of AR lenses transcends geographical boundaries, offering a universal appeal that can be tailored to resonate with the specific interests and cultural values of target audiences in Saudi Arabia and Dubai. Furthermore, adapting such innovative AR experiences can help the Middle Eastern regions stand out in the competitive global tourism market, driving interest and engagement from a broader demographic of potential tourists.

Snapchat AR lenses, created using Lens Studio, present an unparalleled opportunity for brands and tourism boards in the Middle East to develop immersive, interactive experiences that captivate their audience and boost tourism. By taking inspiration from the successful collaboration between Snapchat, STB, and gowaaa, organizations in Saudi Arabia and Dubai can harness the power of AR technology to create unforgettable experiences that showcase their unique cultural heritage and attractions. Embrace the future of marketing and tourism by leveraging Snapchat AR lenses to elevate your campaigns, capitalize on the platform's popularity among Gen Z users, and attract more visitors to your region in the competitive Middle Eastern market.

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